Entry #1

I'm out.

2017-04-22 19:00:41 by Felipe23

Sorry guys, but I think I'm so bad at drawing, music and games. I'm not an Artist. I'm leaving Newgrounds, probably temporarily, because I think I'm getting in the way of this great community. I hope you have understood the reason why I leave here. 

Thank you.




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2017-04-23 00:31:49

dude you got 5 fans, no one knows you here. therefore no one is going to miss you.

Felipe23 responds:

I know, that's even more sad 8(


2017-04-25 14:21:24

but if you love art you shoud do it as a hobby
and what are you going to do now that you will leave NG?

Felipe23 responds:

i don't know 8(